First Issue 09/10!

Our summer issue will be distributed on Friday October 30th. Look forward to an exciting first issue!

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2009/2010 Staff

Check out the new Graffiti staff for 2009-2010 on the Staff page! The first staff meeting will be on Wednesday September 23rd in room 308.

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Graffiti 2009/2010

Welcome to Graffiti online! That’s right, your favourite newspaper is now available in an eco-friendly, electronic version, offering more than the print issue without all the hastle. Our motto: no papercuts, guaranteed.

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At Graffiti online you will find all articles, photos, and artwork available in our print version as well as news updates.

Valentine’s Day

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JENNY PENG First there was “Love Actually”. Then came “He’s Just Not That Into You”. And now, from the writers of the latter comes another movie with a colossal cast and a perplexed plot, “Valentine’s Day”. The film is set in Los Angeles on February 14th, and it depicts the many ways that couples throughout […]

SINK YOUR TEETH INTO TRUE BLOOD KAT TOMASONE Let’s get it over with: this show is about vampires. I know, I know, the whole vampire craze is way overblown, but put aside your current attitude towards vampire dramas. “True Blood” isn’t remotely similar to those preteen-y love stories that make you want to lose your […]

Have One on Me: Joanna Newsom

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YEOGAI CHOY When Joanna Newsom put out her debut album “The Milk-Eyed Mender”, many listeners immediately fell in love with her for her sincere voice, her emotive lyrics, and her eloquent harp playing. However, there were others who couldn’t stomach her eccentric voice, and quite understandably. On “The Milk-Eyed Mender”, Joanna Newsom’s voice was brittle, […]

ALEX MCROBERT Once upon a time, Alice Sebold’s novel, “The Lovely Bones”, struck me with thunder. It’s the striking story of Susie Salmon, fourteen, who was raped and murdered by one of her neighbours on her way home from school. Susie narrates the story of her death from the “In-Between”, a place the dead go […]

NT Winter Season at a Glance

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BOYS’ HOCKEY CAM WATT The boy’s varsity hockey team had an exciting year. The team made it as far as the quarter finals, but were defeated by rivals Lawrence Park in a 4-2 game. This season was particularly special, because it was the last for our beloved Mr. Selby. Mr. Selby has coached at North […]


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MIRANDA RAMNARES For nearly six years now, “Lost” has been the most mysterious show on television. And although many viewers were disapproving of the show’s last season, many flocked to their television sets on Monday February 2nd to watch the final season’s premiere. The episode begins exactly where we left off in the finale of […]

Canada’s Hockey Team

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JON REED Shock. Embarrassment. Disappointment. This is what all Canadians felt from the mountains of Vancouver to the fish harbors of Newfoundland after the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Italy. Canada finished in seventh place and Canadians, along with the rest of the hockey world, were shocked. We expected to win gold medal but instead […]

AMY KIKUTCHI “What do you want to be when you’re older?” How many times have you been asked that question by your parents, grandparents, and especially those distant relatives that you see once a year at those dull family reunions? Countless times, no doubt. You see, it’s not too bad when you’re younger because you […]

Phenomenal Efforts

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CHRISTINA ZHA “Phenomena…” begins Alex Redinger, a grade twelve student at NT. “It was a thunderous intermingling of lighting and well-costumed choreography, sharply punctuated between acts by a probably-drunk audience member.” Being a fourth year NT student yet first time attendee, he says “the show was well worth the expenditure.” Another fashion show has come […]

An Essay a Day Keeps the 70’s Away

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MAYA CHAKRAVORTY When I got my report card in November I was delighted to see that I had received a 92 in English. Considering that I had started grade 11 English with a 67, it was quite an improvement. Now, notice that I didn’t say anything along the lines of my being pleasantly surprised, shocked, […]