Mr. Taylor's Trip: SAFARI

Mr. Taylor

           Not many of you can say you’ve walked alongside a 13,000 pound beast this summer, but I did. I stood just a few metres from not one, but six African elephants, and passed within spitting distance of rhinoceroses, lions, cheetahs, and zebras. I watched in awe as they moved slowly through the tall savannah grasses and cavorted about as if I wasn’t even there. This was my summer adventure, a long awaited trip deep within the grasslands of Africa... just outside of Cambridge, Ontario.

            Yes, I visited the African Lion Safari with my family. It was a wonderful day, punctuated by the much hyped “elephant swim” during which staff turn their six wonderfully trained elephants loose into a small lake on the grounds. I bet you didn’t know that elephants swim effortlessly. They do. They are at ease in the water, jumping on each other’s backs, and spraying with their long trunks. It was a site to behold. The day was riveting, and on top of it all, we managed to pick a day in which it hardly rained. It was an ideal day at an ideal summer venue.