How to make: Canoe Trip


            On September 10th – 14th a group from NT’s Outers Club ran a four day canoe trip in the southern region of Algonquin Park. Our group of eleven students and three advisors paddled a four day, fifteen kilometre route starting and ending at Rock Lake Campground. The trip focused on leadership, outdoor education, and environmental awareness.

            Everyone took away new skills from our time in Algonquin. People learned to set up camp, use a can opener, and deal with nature’s most annoying pests and creatures (i.e. zzzzzz…slap! ...*itch*). We learned how to portage a canoe, prepare wilderness meals, and become more wilderness aware. Everyone was responsible for his own well being as well as the well being of others. There were no injuries. From early morning swims to songs around the campfire, every moment was a fun and memorable experience.

            This trip inspired confidence in its participants and its leaders. Of course, none of this would have happened if it had not been for our fantastic club advisors Ms. Chisholm and Mr. Scudder. They gave us their support and enthusiasm, and invaluable assistance in working with the school and leading the trip. Special thanks to Mr. Blackford, our parent volunteer, without whom our wonderful adventure might not have happened. We would also like to thank Mr. Gorenkoff for his support and helpful advice.

            Thinking of running your own canoe trip? Gather the following; two staff advisors, one parent volunteer, two club heads, and nine wonderful participants. Add in a serving of paperwork mixed with helpful administration, and a pinch of outdoor passion. Bake for several months. For best results, serve with enthusiasm.