RE: Earth Hour


I would have to agree with Alex McRobert that Earth Hour was not completely successful world wide. More has to be done to raise full awareness. There has to be a smarter solution to try to solve the Earth’s problems. For example, if Earth Hour happened on a monthly basis and encouraged specific action, people might become more sensitive to environmental issues.  Furthermore, tax breaks and/or other monetary rewards associated with proven reduction in the use of electricity could attract more people to such programs.

Chris Stogios, Grade 9


            I thought that “Earth Hour: What a Power Saver” by Alex McRobert missed the true purpose of Earth Hour and didn’t examine the event thoroughly. Congratulations were given to those who participated in that hour yet they were mocked for using power after nine o’clock. The writer dismissed it as pathetic and absurd. She agreed the event saved power but disagreed that it motivated people to change their ways or that it really informed people about what needs to be done to save our Earth. Her sarcasm was meant to amuse readers but the negativity made me dislike the article in general.

            I participated in Earth Hour and attended the celebrations at City Hall. I learned many things, including how much Earth Hour across the globe (in other cities like Sydney) had really helped our world for the better. It inspired me to keep on doing my part and make sure others around me did the same. The author clearly stated that she took part but never mentioned if she did it for the hour or if she was one of those people who bragged later to her friends.

            As a student who cares about the environment’s future, I turned my lights off hours before eight o’clock and, as I mentioned, went to the celebrations in the cold. Earth Hour was more than trying to turn off our lights. We needed to learn more, evaluate what we are doing to help, get involved in programs, motivate ourselves and get excited about saving our Earth. It’s wrong to criticize what others did on that day; the event was to help those who don’t know what to do. Just because the writer’s classmates didn’t learn and didn’t change their actions, doesn’t mean others didn’t. Many of my friends and neighbours did things to use less waste, including my own family; we started simple. We started using biodegradable dog bags and reusable grocery shopping bags, just like the speakers at the Earth Hour party had said to. Instead of being negative, she should have been happy that someone was doing something that she could be a part of.

            Be proud that you live among people who care and even if it’s a little effort, it can go a long way. All you have to do is your part for our future and help others follow your example.

Christina Atkinson, Grade 9