Presidential Address


            It is hard to believe that we have been in school for two months already. Two months is certainly not enough time for me to get to know the 1000 of you at NT. So consider the following the catalyst in our friendship reaction, or in the event that you are not interested in being friends, reasons to keep your distance. Beyond being President of the Student Council, I am really just a normal kid. I like physics (a lot), as I am sure many of you do. My dream job would be… an astronaut, (consider the frequent flyer miles!) and my favorite food is DEEP FRIED chicken (preferably KFC but I will settle for any variety). The most important thing that you need to know about me is that I am no Billy Shakespeare and certainly no Martin Luther King, so please, excuse the preceding paragraph and all past and future speeches. But yes, I am in the marching band. Those rumours are true.

            Seriously though, thus far, this year has been extraordinary. House leagues are well underway; we have had great lawn parties, entertaining assemblies, an incredible Red and Grey Day and, semi coming that is sure to be a ball (pun intended). The success of the past few months is entirely due to your wholehearted participation in events – so thank you! Keep your heads up for news regarding Charity Week and other events, and, on behalf of the entire council, stay involved and good luck with the year to come.