Who's Mr. Chumack?


            Some know him as “Chums”, but his real name is Mr. Chumack, and you should get used to seeing him brightening up the halls of our decaying building. Before becoming a co-op and business teacher this year here at North Toronto, Mr. Chumack taught at George S Henry Academy, also in Toronto. His first impressions of N.T. were of the friendly and spirited staff and students.

            Comfortingly, as the teacher of the co-op class, he himself didn’t know exactly what he wanted to be when he was in high school either. If given the chance to take a co-op course in high school, Mr. Chumack would have preferred something in the business or marketing field. He enjoys working out at the gym, tennis, badminton, and, of course, computers!

            The sense of giving back to the community is Mr. Chumack’s favourite part about teaching. With his experience of ‘Red and Black Day’ at his previous school, he will surely be an asset when it come to famous Red and Grey Day.