Who's Ms. Pyper?


            On September 18th, 2008 I had the chance to speak with North Toronto’s new vice principal, Ms. Pyper. She is delighted to be at such a wonderful school and part of a staff that gives so generously to helping students. She has already noticed that the students work extremely hard and are compassionate towards one another.

            This will be Ms. Pyper’s first year as a vice principal. Before coming to NTCI she taught at the University of Waterloo in the dance department and was a curriculum leader for the arts at North Albion Collegiate. From 1992-2007 Ms. Pyper was a principal dancer and Assistant to the Artistic Director of Ballet Creole.

            By the end of the 2008/2009-year, Ms. Pyper would like to have met every student in the school and be involved in helping us find our strengths and fulfilling our goals and dreams. She is especially looking forward to the many events, celebrations and traditions unique to NT. We are lucky to have as dedicated a vice principal as Ms. Pyper come into our school community. Good luck Ms. Pyper!