Who's Mr. McNaughton?


            Joel McNaughton is the newest addition to the music department at NT and has replaced Ms. Pady this year as the strings teacher for grades 9 through 12.  This Grey’s and One Tree Hill fan grew up on a dairy farm and in his spare time he takes pleasure in training for marathons and practicing his assortment of accents.

            Mr. McNaughton has been teaching for three years and was previously employed at L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute. He has been playing the violin for eighteen years, the piano for twenty-one and the French horn for ten years. He explains that the reason he loves teaching is because he is able to “share [his] passion for music and engage students in the art of creation.”

            Mr. McNaughton’s overall impression of North Toronto is nothing short of buoyant and optimistic. He claims that NT is a busy place with an abundance of activities and spirit. Although his “quizzes” seem more similar to tests, he is challenging us to reach our full potential, which is something that will not only strengthen our performance now, but will assist us in the future as well. Mr. McNaughton is a valuable asset to the music department and is helping to enrich our music program even further. We are extremely lucky to have him here in the North Toronto community.