Who's Ms. Ovington?


            High school may have been a lifetime ago for Ms. Ovington, but her passion for French has remained constant throughout the years. Although she had always received good marks in the subject, it was a university study-abroad program in Paris – also known as the city of love – which made her “fall in love with the language and with teaching.” Along with her dynamic personality, she also brings a variety of cultural experiences through the doors of NT. After completing her education in Scotland, she taught English in Paris, and recently returned from her honeymoon in Italy!

            However, regarding her own high school experience, her worst memories are still crystal-clear. She recalls throwing up on her guidance teacher on the first day,  before she even had the chance to introduce herself, but her anxiety was short-lived. Throughout her four years, she developed an ongoing interest for photography; some of her other hobbies include going to the movies and visiting the gym. When asked about her impression of NT, she answered without hesitation, “All the students and staff are really friendly, and are truly making the effort to get to know me and help me around the school.” We wish Ms. Ovington a successful year at North Toronto.