Primetime at its Greatest


            Almost everyone knows that there is nothing better than a primetime show during the fall months. In addition to the high quality of writing, acting and directing that make up our favourite fall hits; countless people are thrilled with the prospect of a new season of television. Here are some recommendations on what programs should be saved by your beloved PVR.

            Mondays are always the most dreaded day of the week, people are always sad to wave their weekend goodbye. Fortunately, Mondays boast some of television’s most intriguing plots. If you’re a Soap-Drama lover, then CW’s Gossip Girl is the show for you. The second season of Gossip Girl begins in the Hamptons, where Blair gets a new boyfriend to spark jealousy in Chuck, while Nate gets a steamy hook-up. For those folks who like reality television, Dancing with the Stars returns with several celebrities including Lance Bass, Warren Sapp, Toni Braxton and Misti May-Treanor. DWTS is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen and I’m sure you’ll love it.

            Tuesday night TV, however, is just as exciting as Monday. Perhaps the most anticipated show that will be airing on Tuesday is Fringe, from the creator of LOST. Like LOST, the show doesn’t tout any major celebrities, but its fantastic storyline makes up for the lack of the George Clooney or Hayden Panettiere. Fringe is sure to thrill many. In addition to Fringe, there is The Tudors, which revolves around the life of Henry VIII. The show is simply fascinating. Another hit is House, which follows the eccentric Dr. House through his daily duties at the hospital. This show will be sure to blow you away. 

There are several quality options for new television on Wednesdays, including Knight Rider. Knight Rider stars Justin Bruening as the alienated son of the former Knight Rider, Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff). For you sitcom lovers, Wednesday nights are pure gold. This includes the hilarious New Adventures of Old Christine, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a single mother Christine, who is trying to keep the peace with many in her life.

            In the world of television, no night can rival Thursdays. The sheer variety of genres found on Thursdays is spectacular. If you are looking to satisfy that craving for a good laugh, The Office, starring Steve Carrel, is as funny as any show gets. The Office is truly hilarious, and I’d highly recommend this show to anyone. 30 Rock is Tina Fey’s hilarious creation that is mildly based on her life as head writer for SNL. After all, it didn’t win four Emmy awards for nothing. If you are not into comedy or reality TV, drama on Thursday night is exhilarating. The immensely popular Grey’s Anatomy is excellent. Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of residents and attending physicians at the world renowned Seattle Grace Hospital. Grey’s Anatomy is simply outstanding, and thoroughly entertaining. Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate dramedy, nothing beats Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty chronicles the life of Betty Suarez, an aspiring journalist who is the editor-in-chief’s assistant at the ultra chic MODE magazine. If you give this show a chance, I can guarantee you will fall in love.

            As sad as many are on Sunday’s, the line-up of great television is something that should make you smile. There are several HBO shows on, but the best one without a doubt is Entourage, a show about rising Hollywood superstar Vince Chase and his entourage of friends and family. Entourage is put together very well and I have no doubts.