Ten ďWish It Was Summer AgainĒ Songs


Where Do You Go To My Lovely Ė Peter Sarstedt

            I went on one of those super fast trains when I was in France this summer. I donít remember what that train is called; the trip was so quick. But I remember clearly the pigeons in the train station, a little kid who looked exactly like Petit Nicholas, and listening to this song.


My Favourite Book Ė Stars

            Thereís nothing like sitting in Indigo all day long. You can read or just pretend to read. Itís hard to read with your eyes closed, but itís also hard to pretend youíre sitting on a beach with your eyes open, when really youíve been sitting in Starbucks since you rolled out of bed.


Sweet Darliní Ė She & Him

            The future of campfire songs; this song was made for summer. Símores are optional. This song is just so good by itself.


Marilu Ė Serge Gainsbourg

            Close your eyes and pretend youíre on a pier looking over some body of water. There are Christmas lights, yet the holiday season is six months away. Youíre probably in France, but youíre doing the twist with some American-looking fellow. And you canít believe the sun hasnít set yet. Itís 1966, and itís summer baby.


Itís Nice To Go Travíling Ė Frank Sinatra

            Itís very nice to go traveling, especially in the summer. But au contraire to Mr. Sinatra, itís not so nice to come home. Home means that schoolís around the corner.


This Charming Man Ė The Smiths

            If I could actually go ride my bike around the city without getting seriously injured, then this is the song I would play on repeat on my iPod. You can still do the same, just walk. Or if you have the whole day, take your bike and this song to the island.


Ease Your Feet Into The Sea Ė Belle and Sebastian

            Summer is never complete without a trip to the beach. Whether that means Woodbine to you and the Mediterranean to someone else doesnít really matter. Just ease your feet into some sort of sea, or polluted water. Whatever floats your boat.


Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa Ė Vampire Weekend

            Lucky for me, summer every year means Cape Cod. Sand, sun, fried cod, hammocks, clam chowdah, coleslaw, Newmanís Own Lemonade, and Starbucks everything. You know Starbucks makes ice cream in the United States? Yeah, so go sit in a hammock, and eat overpriced, caffeinated, ice cream and listen to this.


We Rule The School - Belle and Sebastian

            Do something pretty while you can, this sunny season doesnít last forever. Unfortunately, the time comes when we must go back to public education. And this song is depressing enough to be a back-to-school song.


Burniní Up Ė The Jonas Brothers

            Iím not gonna lie, this was totally my summer anthem.