iPad: Revolution or Never-lution?

Graffiti Admin | April 8th, 2010 | External News | Comments Off on iPad: Revolution or Never-lution?


Since the iPad’s recent release on February 4th, 2010, many have been skeptical about the differences between the iPad and the iTouch or the iPhone. Is the iPad a revolutionary device, or is it a mere evolution from the iTouch? In this case, the skeptics may have a point; the release of the iPad was not the revolutionary device expected by many, and it resembled a great deal to the giant iPod touch.

Truth be told, the iPad does share many important features with the iTouch, and it only has a couple of differences(mostly ones that cynics quickly shoot down). For instance, the iPad includes a book reading tool called iBooks, where you can purchase and download books from a store onto your iPad. However, many iTouch applications already offer this service for free, so iBooks was not exactly a very “revolutionary” idea.

In defence of the iPad, its size offers easier typing and control functions, as many have complained that the screens on their iTouches are simply too small to comfortably type more than a text message or to watch a video. The iPad, with a 9.7 square inch screen, offers a much larger view for more comfortable viewing.

For some, that is very much compromised by the fact that you cannot fit the new iPad into your purse or pocket. For many, its size is a large flaw in the design ; the iPad is simply too large to fit comfortably in places where our usual mobile devices like to be. This removes the easy-to-carry feature that Apple usually advertises about their products. Indeed, the iPad is heading in a different direction from our rapidly shrinking technology.

Apple has chosen to take the road less travelled, and in making larger rather than smaller pieces of technology, they have delivered a product that was most unexpected. It was a huge risk for Apple, one that may turn out to be a massive failure, or one that may very well change the way that technology of the future is designed.

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