Candidates for Environmental Minister


May 10, 2021

Emelia Grossman

Hey NT! I am Emelia Grossman and I am running to be your next environmental minister! I love all things about the environment and I am super passionate about raising awareness for environmental issues. I am involved in so many school clubs and organizations, including NEAT! I am also an eco-ambassador for Toronto Youth Environmental Council and these great experiences have taught me how to be a leader and how to give back to our planet! As environmental minister I would want to introduce some new and exciting ideas to the school, like sustainable challenges and events where students could win prizes, while also bringing back former events that we missed out on this year due to COVID. I hope to make all of my plans become a reality but I just need one thing… your help! Vote for Emelia G on May 18th-19th for a greener NT!

Ruby Steinberg

Hey NT! I’m really excited to be running for Environmental Minister for the 2021/22 school year. I’m a passionate and active member of the NT student body and I have several awesome ideas on how we can improve the NEAT structure, bring in some exciting events, and improve our school’s sustainability. One of my main priorities is getting NT students involved in NEAT initiatives, with school-wide events and specific executive roles within the NEAT team. Next year, together, we can change the impact that our school has as a community and on an individual level. As Environmental Minister, I will ensure that NT’s environmental impact is one we can all be proud of. Be sure to follow my campaign for more information about my plans and qualifications on Instagram!

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