Candidates for NTAA Female


May 10, 2021

Mackenzie Ball

Imagine bleachers lined with NT students dressed in red and grey, face paint, foam fingers, music playing, people laughing, watching NT’s football team take down Northern. Now imagine that this used to be our reality. My name is Mack and I'm running to be your next NTAA female president. I'm an optimistic, energetic person and an active member of the athletics department at NT. This year highlighted the dreadful aspects of school and took away everything good about school. I want to not only bring back school spirit but make it bigger and better than ever. As president of the NTAA I will ensure our next year is full of spirit, competition, cheering, and most of all athletics. Whether that's dressed in red and grey all together by the field or online, let’s get back to the school we know and love. Vote Mack for your NTAA female president!

Holly Gomes

Hey NT! My name is Holly Gomes, and I want to be your next NTAA Female President! I can assure you that I’m the best candidate for this position, and here’s why...sports have been a part of my life from the second that I could walk. Not only do I have an indescribable passion for them, but I have tons, and I mean tons of experience in a wide variety of them. My love for athletics, my organizational skills, and hard work will ensure that next year’s athletics and NTAA run events will be outstanding! I've loved every second of my time in NTAA, and I know I’m ready to lead it! I would be more than honoured to be the next NTAA Female President. That’s why you should make the right choice, and I’ll be your voice. Make sure to vote for me, Holly G!

Maria Perez

Hey NT!. My name is Maria Perez but most people call me Gaby and I want to become your next NTAA Female President for the next school year. A bit about myself, I have been part of 3 teams and In my grade 9th year I got nominated for athlete of the year and I had the pleasure of attending the athletic banquet. My goal is to take your athletic experience from the pandemic low to an all time high and expand on this year's NTAA President’s plans and ideas. I want to represent you and your ideas, with your help I believe we could make our returning year to school, one no one will forget. I'm not asking you to vote for me, I am just asking you to press the box next to my name 🙂 Don't sweat, vote perez! follow me on @Perez4NTAAprez

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