Candidates for NTAA Male


May 10, 2021

Adam Pralat

One of my favourite things about NTCI are its extracurriculars. During my years at North Toronto, I have taken part in multiple clubs, several sports teams, and the NTAA. Often I would come to school early for one extracurricular, and stay after school for another. Sometimes I would have swim practice in the morning, gym first period, an NTAA meeting at lunch, and track practice after school. It might sound exhausting (and it definitely was sometimes) but it was so much fun! I have made so many friends and memories through these extracurriculars. That is why I am running for the position of NTAA President in hopes of organizing events and extracurriculars for all of you to partake in! I know it might be difficult because of Covid restrictions, however as NTAA President I would try my best to create these great experiences, whether virtual or in person!

Alex Anderson

Hi NT! My name is Alex Anderson and I’m running for NTAA male president. I’ve been a member of NTAA for the last 2 years and know the ins and outs of the club. Sports have always been an important aspect of high school for me; with lots of experience and knowledge as part of NTAA and PALs along with numerous leadership roles on sports teams, I would be a perfect fit for NTAA male president. As an NTAA president, I want to make sure there is a sport, intramural or event for everyone to enjoy. I will strive to bring new, fun and inclusive intramurals to NT, grow school spirit with more interactive events like red and grey day as well as listen to the student body’s requests for changes regarding sports at NT. Make sure to vote for Alex Anderson for NTAA Male President on May 18th and 19th.

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