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The following years of Graffiti are also available online:

Welcome to Graffiti Online! At GO, you will find all the original content of the paper version with additional photos, graphics, and more articles. So, check out the fantabulous featured articles below, or visit the new photo gallery (comics included)! 

Graffiti Online is always looking for more artwork and photos for the gallery so feel free to send them to ntcigo@gmail.com. And if you are interested in contributing to Issue 2, click on Submission Guidelines and email your writing to ntcigraffiti@gmail.com

If you spot any missing articles, links, or photos, please alert the GO crew at ntcigo@gmail.com.

Feature Articles

Shortcut to Success? Not at all. Crowded Green: the New Red & Grey
Calling All Life Guards The Royal Conservatory of Music at Last! When Not to Take the High Road
Straighten Your Knee, or I'll Feed Your Remains to My Dog! Model UN Conference Joe Olive: Is He Up for the Challenge?
My Year Behind the Scenes The Top Ten: Listing the First Ten Things to Enter My Mind, in No Particular Order To Sarah With Love
Les Excuses

Editor's Message

Welcome to Graffiti Online! This is the site which will allow you to get the most out of North Toronto’s student newspaper, Graffiti. Here we will host issue archives and photo galleries, and also publish information for prospective and current contributors. In addition, here is where we will post content that didn’t appear in print issues due to limited space. 

2008-2009 is sure to be an exciting year, with the construction in our midst, record numbers of new grade nines, and exciting upcoming trips. Outside of the school, we have a range of issues we’d like to see picked apart by young voices. We’ve got frightening gas prices, a host of environmental emergencies, and the upcoming elections both here and down south. We encourage everyone in the NT community to develop an opinion, get some reporting done, and showcase their work in Graffiti. 

Look forward to a great year, NT. 


Daniel Jacobs

Madeleine Cummings