Farewell Graffiti 2011-12

The bittersweet end to our outstanding year.

Thanks to the best editor-in-chiefs ever, Lily and Julia, and all the staff who worked so hard on producing our award-winning paper. It was an amazing journey I’m sure we are all so happy to have gone on. Check out our last issue with special reports on the 100th anniversary celebrations before you move on from this fabulous year.

Signing off,


Spring into Graffiti

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Happy spring fellow NTers! You should all be super pumped for the new issue of Graffiti because it is PACKED with powerful articles, special insider exclusives, and juicy scoops on what’s hot as the weather is getting hotter…

Also, Graffiti will be submitting our articles, layouts, photographs, website, and hard working staff to the Toronto Star High School Newspaper Awards in hope to bring home the gold again, like we have in past years. Please email me any suggestions or errors you find on the site so it can be in tip top shape.

Thanks for making Graffiti so successful everyone!

The North Toronto Report

Due to our amazing success for Charity Week 2012, supporting Spread the Net, Rick Mercer visited NT on Wednesday, March 28th. Surpassing our goal of $35,000 to a whopping $51,900, we were able to purchase 5,190 nets and save potentially 25,950 people against Malaria.

Fantastic work NT! WE DID IT!

Check out our shout out on the Spread the Net Website


Happy New Year, Happy New Issue

The second issue of Graffiti can now be found throughout our hallways and classrooms. Be sure not to miss this issue because its packed with excitement for next week’s Charity Week 2012!


The First Issue Is Out!

Congratulations to all the Graffiti contributors, the first issue of Graffiti 2011-12 is now available at NT and right here online! Check out all the articles featured in the paper right here, as well as bonus articles online!

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Welcome NT!

This site is currently under construction. Come back on November 15th when the first issue of Graffiti comes out. Get excited NT!