A Message From the SVP

Frank Hyun


Rick Mercer’s personal thanks marked the jump start of the
phenomenal Charity Week 2012. This year, we supported Spread the Net, a charity
that helps prevent deaths caused by malaria by distributing bed nets to people
in Africa. We have broken the record for North Toronto’s Charity Week by

Charity Week 2012 was much different than the past Charity
Weeks for me. This is mainly because I was never involved in Charity Week
beyond planning for my homeform event. Then here I was, in the centre of it
all, supposedly in charge of this massive annual event. To be honest, I was
slightly overwhelmed. Any time I heard anybody say, “Charity Week 2012,” or
“Spread the Net,” those words triggered mild nervousness and butterflies in my
stomach until the last day of Charity Week 2012. I never realized how much work
is put into Charity Week each year and I’m glad that I lived through it before
I left high school. Yes, it was a lot of work, but if I had the chance to do it
all over again, there isn’t a single doubt in my mind that I would love to.
That surreal feeling I felt, when everything that we planned clicked into
place, was the greatest. It was definitely more rewarding than any well-written
math or science test!

Finally, I want to end my thought with many thanks to a
bunch of people, as without them, Charity Week 2012 wouldn’t have been
possible. Firstly, I want to thank my awesome JVP, Darci Brill. Darci, you were
so motivated, always asking for new tasks. You’re a great JVP and I hope that
you had just as much fun as I did working on Charity Week. Thank you all the
committee members, especially the heads and the assistant heads for making my
job easier with your creativity and enthusiasm. Thank you Fashion Show Neverland
for an amazing show. Thank you Ms. Hayden; you are a wonder-woman, and I truly mean it when I say that all the future JVP’s and SVP’s are lucky to be alongside of you to plan Charity Week. Finally, as cheesy as it is, thank you all the students and staff for being so spirited and making Charity Week 2012 the best Charity Week that NT has seen yet. I learned so much and I know that it will always be one of my most memorable
experiences in high school.