Books Vs. Movies

Jonah Grinberg

Before I begin my theory about how movies are a THOUSAND TIMES better than books, for those of you who come up to me and try to complain to me their reason why it’s not, I personally couldn’t care less.

Having gone to North Toronto this year, I’ve learned how to write a literary paragraph, how to calculate angles on a hexagon, how much the Nelvana version of Tintin (aka TANTAN) sucks, and how most of the students in my grade like spending their free time. Now, I do admit to be a bit of a slacker when it comes to almost 95% of everything I learn here, but I don’t need to constantly hear about it up and down the halls.
Just because I may not want to go into business like most of you doesn’t mean
that my opinion suddenly differs from everything else. For example, if you
really think you’re cool, you wouldn’t be reading a book in the middle of class
thinking you’re gonna get caught. If anything, you should be taking that time
possibly sneaking out your laptop or your iTouch (God forbid) and watch
something entertaining like a movie. It really surprises me how I am able to
see tons and tons and tons of movies and not even a third of thosehave any of
you even heard of. What annoys me the most is that most of you don’t give a
chance to be entertained and take (God forbid) 2½ hours out of your miserable
high school lives and pay $16 to go to the silver screen and catch a flick.
Especially when that movie is based on a popular book, most of you choose to
suddenly start reading that book when in reality you could’ve had 3 years to do
that. The book’s already made enough money if it IS that popular so now maybe
give Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson a chance to show off their archery
skills. And for those of you who say you’ll watch the movie after you’re done
the book while that movie’s still out, we all know that’s never gonna happen.
And I’m also pretty sure that you don’t know that most of the greatest movies
of all time were based off books? Take Hugo or Jurassic Park or The
or Forrest Gump… they were based off of books but most of
you are probably going to lie through your teeth and say you’ve read those
books when in reality you’re probably learning this fact for the first time.

Now North Toronto, please don’t be offended by truth and please don’t take this personally. I’m not talking about all of you necessarily. Besides, I don’t even know 97% of this school. And even I’ll admit I haven’t read some books to judge whether it’s movie was better than its book. Let’s be real. Not all movies were better than their books. Take
Twilight for example. Both its movies and books sucked!