5: Love From NSS

Julia Schabas


It was just a regular period six spare. I was in the library furiously scribbling down some quotes for my annotated bibliography, when all of the sudden, Ms. Bulgutch called me over. What have I done what I have done? I thought. It’s funny how some of us always think the worst when teachers call us over. “Oh come on!” She assured me, “You haven’t done anything, but there’s something you’ve got to see.” She pulled me over to the library bay windows and we looked down onto the field and saw it. NT
Luckily, I had my camera with me that day, and I spent the
next fifteen minutes furiously trying to get a shot of the whole message. Mr.
Gorenkoff even accompanied me for a bit of the trip, because he wanted to get
back at those Red Knights. Now, trust me NT, it is not easy to get a whole panoramic shot with just a point and shoot camera, and the best view of the field I could get was through Ms. Biondic’s classroom on the third floor. But all of that aside, let’s just make sure we get back at those amateurs.