Charity Week Booths

Brandon Yong


As usual, there were many different homeform booths at charity week this year. But the booths were not all equally successful. So, what makes a charity week booth successful? What do North Toronto students want from a charity booth? After interviewing a variety of students the answer was almost unanimous. Most of the interviewees preferred booths that offered food or the opportunity to win a prize. Some of these preferred booths were the grilled cheese booth, the 50/50 draw booth, and the
Xbox 360 and android smartphone raffle booth. Grilled cheese is always a
popular item at NT’s charity week, along with the 50/50 draw. NT is home to
many tech savvy students, thus raffle tickets for Xbox 360 and the android
smartphone were a hot item. Students thought location was also a contributing
factor for the success of a homeform’s booth. Homeforms were not allowed to
sell food in the commons this year. Homeforms selling food were forced to sell
in the hallway on the main floor. Students found this to be an issue because
the hallway didn’t provide enough space for students to lineup; and students
looking at the booths were pushed forward past the booths by other students
trying to get through the hallway. Fortunately for the grilled cheese booth,
they were given the spot in front of the office. While this may have been a
good thing for the homeform selling grilled cheese, the office staff didn’t
enjoy the large crowds of people blocking the office doors waiting to buy
grilled cheese. So, if you are looking to make your charity week booth
successful, make sure you snag a good location and actually offer a product or
service that appeals to most of the NT student demographic.