Derivatives, Decoration, and Discus: Classics Conference 2012

Willem Crispin-Frei

This year NT students again committed themselves to days and
late nights of preparation for the 44th annual Ontario Student Classics
Conference at Brock University in St. Catherines. Many people reading this may
not have a clue about what “Classics” is, so here it is: Classics is
the study of the culture, language, and history of Ancient Greece and Ancient
Rome. The Conference is a chance for all of the people who participate in these
studies to get together and share their knowledge and appreciation of the
Romans and Greeks: whether academic, artistic, or athletic. The conference is
not just a weekend when everyone sits in little corners and studies Roman
History (although some do!), but is also a chance for the artistically and
athletically inclined to go and paint their hearts out or run in a chariot
race. North Toronto this year brought a smaller than usual team but we
still cleaned up, winning four trophies as well as placing fourth overall,
being beaten only by UTS as well as a few other schools. From Greek Derivatives
to Classically inspired Skits to Discus Ultimus (Ultimate Frisbee) the students who collectively put in hundreds of hours of preparation did an amazing job representing our school, even with the confusion of the concurrent Maytime Melodies, which several students returned to during the Conference. While we may be the architects of our own destinies, Ms. Rogow, our staff head and tireless organizer, again has built a wonderful
opportunity for NT students by sowing seeds so that the love of Classics at NT
will continue to grow for the next generation. It was truly a great way to make
friends within our own school as well as meet new people from others. Finally,
a slightly modified Latin quote to sum up NTCI’s performance at the Conference:
venimus, vidimus,  vicimus.