Blogging vs. Journalling

Valerie Preminger


I remember when I was younger I had countless diaries and books that my mom would buy for me to use as a diary. Of course, being easily distracted, I barely took the time to actually pick up a pen and write about anything.

According to Wikipedia, a blog is “usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videos.” In short, a blog is an online diary. A public one, at that, where people can view, oh, say, all your deepest, darkest secrets?

When blogging was first introduced, it quickly grew to become a high-maintenance page where you write about your day or participate in some sort of countdown or challenge. Many people would write about their daily lives, or start a help page for a charity. But now, with the creation of sites like Tumblr, “the way blogging was meant to be,” nothing is really private.

            So is the journal “dying out?” Are we really that eager to hop onto our computers and start typing rather than to open a book and write?

The future generation is bound to grow up in a world of technology. Instead of taking notes with pens and paper, eventually, they will all be tapping away on a keyboard.

If you remember the fun you had taking out your diary or journal from under your pillow, eager to write about how you aced your math test or how you talked to that really cute boy that sits across from you, pass it on.