Libya Welcomes A New Age

Daniel Liu


Gaddafi has died: this marks the end of a struggle against his 42 year dictatorship. However, this is the not the final goal but rather a stepping-stone towards a peaceful and democratic government, the beginning of a new age for the Libyan people. Let’s focus on the situation in Libya  

How can a country that was under colonial, monarchist, tribal, and dictatorial control for a millennia become a functioning democratic nation? The same way the West did 800 years ago, with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 AD. Our government is still not perfect; how could anyone expect Libya’s to be overnight? Libya simply does not have the foundation to become a fully functional democratic nation.

What is the foundation you might ask? Firstly, they must create a judicial system that both incorporate Libyan tradition and democracy in order to form laws suitable for a new Libya. Secondly, a new Libyan government should have a federal, provincial, regional legislature to govern the varying regions of the country according to their needs. Thirdly, the judicial system must be independent from the government to prevent corruption. Lastly, Libya needs a democratically-controlled military to protect the interests of the Libyan people.

The new Libya however faces insurmountable odds; it has never had a democratic government, and the country is still divided into four major political groups this includes Gaddafi loyalists, Islamic Extremists, Tribal elders, and Rebels from Benghazi. Without a single collective goal it is very hard for them to cooperate, if not impossible. If not properly handled Libya could become a new Iraq, where NATO will be forced to send in ground troops to protect their interests, the oil fields.

 History has taught us overthrowing a government is easy, but forming a new government representing the voices of the people out of the ashes of the old is hard. Libya will be no exception. If the people of Libya work together toward rebuilding their nation, a new age for Libya will come.