4. The GSA Posters

Angalee Nadesalingam


You might have noticed the new and updated GSA posters around the school. They’re now gracing our classroom and school walls. After speaking with Amani Tarud, club head of the GSA at our school, I can tell you a bit about them. In case you’re wondering what all those symbols on the bottom actually mean, they stand for bisexual, lesbian and gay. The triangle in the middle is the universal anti-homophobia sign. It is thought to have originated around the time of the Holocaust, when the Nazis were
discriminating against many people, including homosexuals. “The black triangle
was for lesbians, the pink for gay men,” Amani says. As a club, GSA at NT
promotes awareness and equity at our school. “The big highlights this year were
the grade 9 anti-homophobia workshops [in November],” remarks Amani. They are
also planning to organize an Anti-Homophobia day called the Day of Silence. So
get involved, and “Listen to the Silence!”