Wrong Place, Right Time

Hai Ying Qi


You know what really gets on my nerves? Buses. Late buses. Imagine waiting at the bus station, (especially one that you haven’t been to before) frantically searching for the sign that displays the bus number and where it heads to.

 Once you finally located it, you realize that it just pulled away. You start brooding over how close you’ve come to catching it. Stomping over to the bus schedule furiously, you check it You plop yourself down to the nearest seat, trying and failing to look busy as strangers rush by you with concerned looks.

 According to the schedule, the bus was due to arrive in 5 minutes, so you get up and walk to the terminal. No buses showed up. You wait for another 5 minutes, and again no vehicle welcomed you inside. Debating whether or not to go back and sit, you decided to do so.

 A few seconds later, you end up next to a person who smelled as if they’ve never been in a tub. Reminding yourself to be polite, you don’t get up to leave.

 As you glance at your watch, you realize you’ve been waiting for 40 minutes. On cue, three buses arrive at the same time. This is where it gets crazy. Barely five people were waiting and the drivers decided to make us wait 40 minutes and then come to the station all at once. Even kindergarteners know that it doesn’t take three big empty buses to fill five people. That’s just insane!

 So that’s about it. Buses that come to the right place at the wrong time.