2. The Weather

Emily Dyer


After a weird winter with very little snow and only a few days of really frigid weather, we are now almost at the end of an equally bizarre spring. From 25 degree weather during March Break to snow on the 24th of April, something very messed up is going on with the
weather this year. I don’t know whether it’s climate change, some sort of weird
weather system, or just a series of unseasonal coincidences, but somehow
“seasonal temperatures” seem to have become a fiction around the world. Europe
was snowed out for most of the winter, while here it was practically tropical! And
the worst part? It is impossible to know how to dress for the weather! I
currently have an umbrella, a pair of boots, and a couple of sweaters in my locker,
and I don’t plan to take them out anytime soon- who knows, next
week, there could be a snowstorm!