Badminton Lowdown

Alice Zhu


It’s back to school time again. Your alarm clock yanks you out of sleep, your teachers force you to sit in an undersized chair for an hour, and it’s the same lousy courses day after day. That’s the bad news. But here’s the good news: badminton season’s gearing up!

I know what you must be thinking: badminton? Isn’t that the sport where you use rackets to hit around a squished up birdie (that hit me square in the face last time I played)? That definition is partially correct. The sport of badminton uses lightweight rackets to hit a feather birdie also known as a shuttlecock. It first originated in ancient Greece and Egypt, and then later spread to England and then to the rest of the world. Badminton can be played by a person of any age, and is usually played indoors. The start of the 20th Century marked the beginning of international competitive badminton and, from then on, it has been enjoying increasing popularity. (And, of course, if you wear the right equipment and learn the right moves, then you won’t get hit in the head.)

Today, the sport is becoming more and more celebrated throughout Canada. In Toronto, there is a wide selection of badminton clubs where one can play at, and there is just as wide a selection of tournaments one can attend. Ranging from Recreational Tournaments to Provincial Championships, there is a place for anyone who wants to join in on the excitement, win awesome prizes, meet new friends, or simply enjoy the sport.

The badminton season begins in October and ends around May with the Canadian National Championships. There is more information about competitive and recreational badminton on the Ontario Badminton Association (OBA) website. During the season, badminton clubs across Ontario offer classes and lessons to players who are interested in the sport. Going there and learning about the sport not only provides you with knowledge of the game, but it also keeps your body fit.

And don’t forget about the mental aspect! Getting involved in sports is a great way to deal with stress. So look forward to it during the school year as a healthy and fun option that is always available.