6: Temple Run

Emily Dyer


“No, no, go away! Ahh, you just made me fall off a cliff and I was invisible! I hate that. I was almost at 2.5million!!” No, this is not an action movie or some new combination of Harry Potter and bank robbery. This is Temple Run, the procrastination tool that is
taking over North Toronto students’ time.

Temple Run was the top free app in January, and everyone with an iPod Touch or an iPhone seems to have it. People are playing Temple Run in the hallways, the commons, and in the back of every math classes. While it might seem like an unnecessary waste of time, there is always time for one more game… or ten… or a hundred. You just need to get that next objective, or upgrade your invisibility, or get the top coin magnet. This may be another app fad, like Angry Birds or Plants versus Zombies, but that doesn’t stop some people from playing it hardcore. Last week, I was thrilled to finally break
million points, but some people have smashed my record into the Temple Wall; I
saw a Facebook picture of a high score over 16 million. Who knows, maybe in the
spring we’ll run an intermural Temple Run tournament!!