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Isaac Marlow-Dilworth


Rooftop Garden addition

President Isaac M-D here, investigative journalist extraordinaire. N.T. holds many deeply guarded secrets and it`s my job to get to the bottom of them. The rooftop garden: it was advertised as an awesome feature of the new school, but why can`t we go to it? Is it perhaps a portal to Narnia, or Mr. Bellamy’s wild frog colony, or maybe even the secret cannabis grow-op of some hippie staff member? Well, whatever it is, we’re not allowed on it, but as “El president” it’s my duty (yes, duty) to find out why. I heard rumours that the roof was simply too unsafe due to the low walls. This sounded strikingly similar to the windows in our old school, which started from your hip and had no safety screen (not that that would stop any hefty NT student from falling out onto the pavement). In my two years in the old school, I never heard a story of little “Johnny” or “Cindy” falling out of any window, ever, so why would safety be an issue?! To get down to the real facts, I decided to sit down with the big boss man himself: Mr. Gorenkoff. Apparently, there is a tad of a safety concern; some unsupervised goon could have the bright idea of base-jumping off the gardens, or at least something along those lines. The good news is that if one of our lovely teaching staff is present, it’s all clear to go onto the gardens. WAIT, THERES MORE! In the spring, they’re supposedly pimping our rooftop gardens out with trees, foliage, benches and maybe even another modern art sculpture (blah). So if you just can’t wait to visit the rooftop gardens, just ask a teacher! Got any other unsolved mysteries at NT? Facebook me and shoot away!