Better than Bieber?

Jane Bradshaw


Known for his sweet voice, his amazing hair, and his charming personality, Justin Bieber, rules the charts of music and hearts of teenage girls everywhere. However, a group of five British boys are stealing his spotlight. The boy band that placed 3rd on the UK version of the X Factor is wooing girls everywhere with their looks, sense of humour, music,  and of course, their British accents. With their debut album just being released, it is hard not to wonder if they will be bigger than Bieber.

My friend Hannah first introduced me to One Direction a few weeks ago, showing me their new album that was just released. When asked about why she loves them, she replied, “They got their start on TV, they are well rounded, they are British and they are so hot! They respect their fans and make amazing music!” Grade 12 student Charlotte Sanders agrees, “I think One Direction is so much better than Justin Bieber because I think Justin Bieber has gotten a bit cocky, whereas One Direction is so down to earth and loveable. PLUS they have English accents, so what could be better?”

Yet, there are still some Beliebers amongst us, like 10th grader Maria Nicula, who says “Justin Bieber! He has a good Christmas album, has more experience, and is dating Selena Gomez. One Direction only has 3 singles, and there are 5 of them, so you can’t really keep track. They’re just like any other boy band, but they do have cute accents and they’re all hot. Still J.B. is the one for me.”

Justin Bieber is from our home and native land, with an AMA, Grammy nominations, TV appearances, a movie, and a platinum album under his belt. But then again, One Direction is just starting out and has so much potential to go above and beyond what J.B has done. Time for you to decide, NT. Will it be our beloved Belieber, or the British boy band?