Claps Instead of Calculators

Christina Atkinson

“How do I define the fractions of myself?”

Maybe you’ve heard some talk about Fractions and you’re worried you’ve missed a math test. I’m here to stop your mathematical quos- its NTs school play! Hold the gasps; I understand that the dramatic arts are at a minimum in our school, due to much larger clubs and programs like music and sports. But, tradition is important at NT so, I’m
writing to continue a new one that’s already in progress.

Fractions is our school’s one act play submission for the SEARS Ontario Drama Festival 2012. Last year, Niners was the play that we submitted to
SEARS, and we took home three awards for writing, directing, and performance.
Half of the participants of last year’s play have remained, along with our
unshakable bond and passion for performance. Lindsay Stevens, who was in both Niners and Fractions, said “When you step onto the stage, all the hours,
all the work, all the nerves leading up to it, it’s all worth it because you’re
doing the thing that you love”. The amount of pride, expression, and
ecstasy (lolz- play joke) that comes from being a part of the production is
unexplainable, and definitely worth another shot this year.

But, whatever our students are willing and able to do is only what’s possible
in this small NT drama program. Because of our incredible success last year and
the fact that I was the assistant director and stage manager, I decided we’ve
got to do it again! Voluntarily writing and directing Fractions has been one of the best choices I made this year (hint to grade elevens- DO IT!). Rachele, the star of Fractions, said “The drama program has been the best part of my entire high school career”. Fractions is about a grade twelve student, Chase Thana, with high ambitions to get into a prestigious university. She really needs to focus on her upcoming philosophy
exam on identity in order to secure her spot at Freeman’s U. However, her
boyfriend, Owen, and best friend, Stella, want to go to a completely different
university. With the pushes and pulls of friends, family, and fate, Chase
succeeds to heights she never thought were so close…

Fractions stars Rachele Filippini (Chase), Ben Bestvater (Owen), Lindsay
Stevens (Stella), Amalea Ruffett (Ange), Catie Delaney (Cire), Liam Morantz
(Mr. Eirwen), Sean Chapnik (Dad), and Nelly Doushabchi (Mom) with costumes by
Kristian Evans, stage management by Hayley Goldfarb, and tech by Seth Norris,
Reid Cameron, and Ali Kassaeian.

The SEARS adjudicated performance was on February 21st and it went wonderfully.
Even though the results of our performance aren’t in, it went with nearly no
hitches and the adjudication afterwards was agreeably constructive. “Hearing
the audience cheer and respond to the situations on stage is the most rewarding
thing” says Amalea (Ange). The other two schools we performed alongside
were York Memorial (with a dramatic series of monologues) and Dante Alighieri
(with a commedia d’el arte piece). Logan Cooper, an audience member, said Fractions was “Very professional. It made me wish I joined the cast because, overall, it was an excellent play”.

Now you might be relieved that this whole article is not math related, but now
you’re in panic that you missed the show! No worries, we are doing a second
show as a part of On Stage Tonight (a drama showcase) in April. Stay tuned and
come check it out: Fractions round two. Its under an hour and packed with issues we all face in high school plus, a big plot twist sure to leave you intrigued about what drama can really do for you.  As Ben would put it, “It a swaggalicious time.”