St. Clement’s

Sarah Ratzlaff


N.T. has always been known as the public private school. Is this because of our un-written school uniform of UGGS, blue mountain equipment co-op backpack, roots sweatpants, and Canada Goose jackets? (Here’s a fun fact: geese often depend on beaver lodges as nesting sites AND both are monogamous
creatures. Isn’t learning fun?!??) Or is it because of our inherent
desire to always follow the traditions of N.T. that have been passed down from
one generation of youngsters to the next? Whatever the reason, the reputation is
undeniable. But the real question is- does the reputation ring true? Does the
environment of N.T. reflect that of U.C.C. or B.S.S?

While we may not wear sailor suits, we do share similarities to private schools as far as academic expectations go. I asked my friend from St. Clement’s about her experience there and what she thought to be the most stressful aspect of her school life. “More than anything it’s the pressure that students put on each other,” she said. “You haven’t done
‘well’ unless you’ve gotten an 85% or above. Anything below just doesn’t cut
it. I almost feel ashamed if I get a mark below an A because those are the
kinds of marks all my friends get. While the academics are difficult, I feel more
pressure from my teachers AND my peers to achieve incredibly high marks. It’s
hard to keep up an A average AND feel proud of myself for doing so, because
that’s the mark so many of my friends are achieving.” Sound familiar N.T? Got a
B+? SUCKS FOR YOU. Only above average is acceptable. Then, the above average
becomes the average – so people then strive for the above average of the above
average, and the vicious cycle continues. As far as pressure, stress, and
academic achievement expectations go, N.T. is without a doubt, the public
private school.