An Ode to the After Party

Isaac M-D

Whibble, whibble, wild and sauced

Whimsy how thou clubbers so lost

How the wild Ginos did bark

Rattled and angry in dark

Nil received for twenty-five cost


Sirens sang as the coppers came

Followed suit an ambulance, shame

Grande Dames did most cry and sob

Piffle, piffle, foul job

Comrades scraped, streets aflame


Within the cavernous walls of the

DJ Flawless hotly dropped the bass

While on the floor twas a pack

Where in bathrooms lads did yack

For bros and broads on the hunt and


At one o’clock did a ruckus arise

All jostled out by bouncers of apish

Blasphemy was proclaimed by more

As many acrunk shoved out the door

Scuffle, scuffle, out to the dream
night skies


The moral of this story is one good

Do not venture too far in the hood

Throw fives, not hunnids

Don`t act a fool kids

When life get gooned, just make some