5: New Clubs

Anna Crombie


North Toronto offers a plethora of clubs, meeting the interests of many different groups of students. From Robotics club to Spirit Squad, anyone can find their place at North Toronto. This year, the eclectic student body founded several new clubs that add to the schools character. If you are looking to enhance your classic charm, the Gentlemen’s Society and the Ballroom Dance Club have been introduced this year. If you are looking for culture, the Asian Heritage Club has come to North Toronto, and for the Harry Potter fanatics, the Quidditch Club.  If you are more hands on and looking for a productive activity, the A/V Club is keeping busy this year, as well as the Photography Club, they’re looking for members to pull out their cameras. Whatever it may be that you are interested in, there is a place for you within the huge variety at North Toronto. Or if you have an original idea in mind for a club of your own, there is still room to share your interests with the students of NT.