6. Maytime Melodies

Julia Schabas


On the evenings of May 3rd and 4th, North Toronto once again performed our annual Maytime Melodies for it’s 66th anniversary. After months and months of rehearsals in orchestra, symphonic band, junior strings, stage band, and many others, all the hard work going on in the wee hours of the morning to the after-dark practices finally came
together. The two-night concert included an out of the world flute concerto by
Rebecca Yu and the symphony orchestra, a fun rendition of “Blackbird” by the
wonderful teacher ensemble, a fantastically rhythmic piece by the junior band,
an interesting contemporary piece by the senior strings, an emotional “We Rise
Again” by the choir, and many more! Not only that, but many audience members
were also blown away by the talented soloists of Maytime. On commenting on
Emily D’Angelo’s vocal solo, Laura Murphy says, “it was nice to see her do something
different. She is just as spectacular at Mozart as she is Christina Aguilera!”
For myself, a Maytime performer since grade nine, this year’s Maytime Melodies
was definitely the most memorable. Not only was I impressed with the quality
and talent of my fellow music students, but it finally hit me during Alaiza’s
tearful remarks, how much hard work goes into putting out something so
spectacular and amazing for others to enjoy. I think I can speak on behalf of
all the music students about how grateful we are to our music teachers for
helping and allowing us to put together something so important to us all.