Sarah Ratzlaff

YouTube has now become a porthole for anyone to become the next Bieber sensation. Many use YouTube as a tool for self-promotion by posting songs, music videos, comedy routines, etc. A musician, for example, may post a video of him or her self singing on YouTube in the ambition to attract a large number of views, therefore leading to exposure and a possible record deal. However, there are those who post videos on YouTube, in hopes to simply become famous on YouTube. If you register as a YouTube partner (which you must be at least 18 to do) as well as abide by the rules and requirements that go along with becoming a partner, you have the opportunity to get paid for the views your videos receive. For every 10000 views your video gets, you can accumulate $2.50 to $5.00. This may not seem substantial, however, the average consistent YouTuber uploads a video once a week. If that YouTuber’s videos were getting on average 1,000,000 hits per video and were being paid $3.75/1000 for instance, that adds up to $3,750 per WEEK! That aint too shabby for yappin in front of a computer screen for about 5 minutes a week. Granted, YouTubers work extremely hard on their videos. Massive editing and meticulous planning goes into most successful YouTubers videos. Many YouTubers also have a secondary channel, usually used for frequent blogging.

My all time favorite YouTube video is by my favorite YouTuber, Jenna Marbles. The video ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking,’ went viral in days being posted. Jena Mourey (Jenna Marbles being her YouTube name) describes step by step how to put together her ‘hot girl disguise’ in a LMFAOROFL manner- while making fun of what lengths people will take to appear attractive, including herself. This video now has approximately 31,000,000 views and has helped to make Mourey the YouTube sensation she is today. Mourey uploads videos every Wednesday and gets on average 2,000,000 views per video. The making of that ONE video changed her life, and YouTubing is now her full time job!


Daniel and Nathan Brandwein

George W. Bush is by far the greatest comedian to have ever graced the presidential podium. In this video, zany impersonator Steve Bridges did a spot on imitation of Bush – a flawless impression of a faulty president. Not only did he sound exactly like the real Bush, the appearance was dead on accurate. Bridges plays the voice inside Bush’s head, revealing what Bush is really thinking, while the actual Bush stands to his side as he addresses the media at the Annual Correspondents Dinner. Throughout the video, Bridges gets away with over 30 zingers, each making fun of Bush’s intelligence. The funniest moment occurs when the fake George Bush says, “I saw a wonderful opportunity to eliminate barriers when I was in China. I looked at the Premier (Wen Jiabao) right in his eyes and said ‘TEAR DOWN THIS WALL,’” He was emulating Reagan’s attempt to tear down the Berlin Wall – except this time, Bush believes the Great Wall of China symbolizes the segregation of society.


Chloe Li

There is something irresistible about an authentic British accent.If you combine the oh-so-dreamy accent with a marked disdain for Justin Bieber, believable talent on the ukulele, and a knack for making the ordinary hysterical, you have yourself one Charlie McDonnell. A twenty-year-old singer-songwriter and YouTube phenomenon from Bath, England, Charlie has an outstanding understanding of teenage boys (“They smell because they can clean by rubbing butter into their skin”) and good taste in literature (“Edward is a vampire and Bella is crazy. They deserve each other. I am putting this book down and never picking it up again”). Oh, and he has a laugh like the Pillsbury dough boy’s—and it is infectious.When you find yourself surfing YouTube next, do give yourself the chance to have the “almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike,” which will make you, “like, cool”.


Suggestions to Search


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