Fads From the Past



Silly Bandz

Remember those bands that you had around your arms? The ones that came in so many different shapes (rock stars, animals…Justin Bieber…) and were made from the same material as condom? Just saying.



These were from a while ago, but remember those shoes that had a little wheel at the heel (hence “heelys”)? All the kids had them…well, sadly, except for me. I miss those days…


Twilight series/ Vampire fad

Edward Cullen glittered in the sunlight and then it seemed like every book you picked up had some kind of vampire involved. Please, let this fad go away and not come back for a long, long time.



Remember those virtual pets that could pee? And that you could feed and play “bump” with everyday, but would die if you didn’t do so? Good times.



It’s the console that detects movement using a wireless control. You could now play baseball, golf, tennis without the need of any equipment! But really, it’s much more fun to play outside with your friends, using an actual bat or ball.



They were here for a while…then Steve Jobs came along.


Low-riding /saggy pants



Yu-Gi-Oh/ Pokemon Trading Cards

Will someone please explain to me the fun (and the rules) of playing with these cards? Back then, I could never understand the fun that boys had with their cards.


High school musical/Jonas brothers/ Hannah Montana

The not-so old Disney days. Hilary Duff anyone?