Facebook Issues

Devan Wang


I would like to start  this article by letting you know that I have a Facebook account, just
like 600 million other users. I’ve had an account for a little over two years
now. I log on quite often, usually go on to catch up with old friends who I don’t
see very often, because I’ve moved around a lot. I use Facebook the way it was
intended to, to see what my friends are doing. Now, I would like to say, that
there are a lot of issues among users on Facebook. And when I say a lot, I mean
A LOT! Some are good, some are bad, and some are just  annoying. I would like to address them.

Thursday Night Jersey Shore Statuses: Now, I’m
pretty sure we all know what Jersey shore is, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 years. But really, is there actually a need to update your status every Thursday night saying “WOOOOTTT!!! IT’S T SHIRT TIME!!!”?  Honestly, every Thursday night, my news feed gets clogged up with these kinds of updates. We all know that Jersey Shore is on at 10pm on Thursday evenings. IT’S BEEN LIKE THAT FOR THREE YEARS! WE ALL KNOW ALREADY!

Name Changes: Second on our list is another thing that angers me deeply. Name Changes. Now, I’m not talking about a guy named Edward changing his facebook name to Eddy. I’m talking about a guy named Jason changing his name to Thatkidd Outtogetdatmoney Istayonmygrindallday. Believe me, you don’t know how many of my facebook friends do that. It’s confusing too, because I don’t know who is who when they show up on my newsfeed. At one point, I had a Facebook friend who’s name was D-swaggz Youknowwhoitis Shoutouttomyhaterstheyaremymotivatorsandilovethem. No, frankly, I don’t know who it is. It doesn’t help when you’re covering your face in your profile picture either. If you changed your Facebook name to your actual name, then
maybe I would. Tsk-tsk.

TAGS: This is one of the most abused features on Facebook. When you tag someone in a photo, that person ACTUALLY has to be in the photo! The other day a girl tagged me in a photo of her. Guess what she tagged me as? Her elbow. I removed the tag immediately.

Facebook Games: Like I said earlier, Facebook is for seeing what your friends are up to. It’s not for raising a virtual farm or becoming a virtual mafia boss. “John Smith just found an ugly duckling in need of a home!” No one cares. Honestly, I just hate it when people invite me be their neighbour in Farmville, they just don’t seem to get the message. If I wanted to play, I would be playing. I am constantly reminded of your games from my news feed that you continually clog up.

Wall to Wall Conversations: This is another thing that is extremely annoying. Facebook has a chat system and a messaging system. What do you do? You clog up the news feeds of every mutual friend you have in common with that person by starting a conversation on their wall.

Hashtags: Hashtags are intended to be used on Twitter. Not Facebook. According to the twitter website, “People use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets to show more easily in Twitter Search”. Facebook doesn’t have a Facebook search relevant to hashtags. Therefore, a hashtag is just a
waste of a keystroke on Facebook, #thisisfacebooknottwitter!

People Who Update Their Statuses Constantly: Statuses
are supposed to express something special that happened in your life. For
example, “_________ got accepted into Harvard University!”
Not ordinary experiences. Nobody cares if “______ just ate a bag of Doritos.”

ADVERTISEMENTS: This is another big no-no. There are
soooooo many people on Facebook marketing things. The other day one of my Facebook friends posted on my wall, “yo bruh, check out my new remix! I got a movement goin on!” Oh, you have a movement, do you? Well, you can MOVE your ‘movement’ off of my wall (shout out to spoken reasons for giving me that line)!

Well, that just sums up my Facebook rant, aha! Hope you all
enjoyed my first article!