Want to be Beautiful? Be Green!

Jane Bradshaw


As the topic of global warming continues to stir up a storm, people wonder how they can contribute to make the world a greener place. Of course, there is recycling, reducing waste and re-using products, but consumers are looking for something that they can do to improve their everyday lives. Searching for a market that will benefit their wallets and the earth, companies saw that more than $15 billion a year is spent on beauty and makeup products, and started to change their chemical formulas to natural ones, banking in on the eco-friendly trend.

So what is so appealing about organic makeup? Experts say it is the ingredients that attract consumers by using natural makeup that ranges from beeswax to minerals found in the earth. The use of natural resources eliminates the potential danger of chemicals that women apply to their faces. This use of natural ingredients is also believed to be healthier for skin, reducing the amount of wrinkles, acne and skin damage that regular makeup may cause. The natural ingredients are scientifically proven to be safe on skin if they are not left on for a long period of time. Also, the mineral-based products can be applied and washed off easier because they don’t stick. As organic makeup enhances people’s beauty, the companies also become greener.

Cosmetic brands such as Urban Decay and The Body Shop have been with the green trend for over 15 years. At affordable prices, consumers can buy fair trade, animal-cruelty free products from natural shades to bold colours. In the past few years, organic makeup has become a popular trend from runways to homes. The products can be more expensive than regular makeup, but consumers are more concerned with the benefits of the cosmetics than the cost. Eco-friendly brands have increased in sales, selling green products and receiving green money! Many of the companies have expanded to packaging, cases, and appliers, making all their products better for the Earth.

If you want to become an Eco-Beauty Warrior as well, here are a few product lines that you might want to try: Aveda, L’Occitane, Burt’s Bees, Neutrogena, Jane Iredale, Lotus, and St.Ives. These are just a few of many brands that are completely environmentally friendly. Covergirl and Sephora have also joined the all-natural bandwagon, with their new natural and mineral beauty products. When looking for any type of makeup, look for packaging such as eyeliner encased in wood, glass containers, and products that are made from plant or mineral derived ingredients, to ensure that you have the best and greenest beauty around.

All natural and eco-friendly cosmetics are effective way of making you and the Earth greener and more beautiful.