Should the next NT President wear Pearls?

Constantina Varlokostas


I find it perplexing that for most of my high school years at NT, a female has
not been in the position of president of NT’s Student Council. It has been four
years since we had our last female president.  But why the continued trend of electing a male president? Is it a tradition to elect a male as President?
Do our male elected presidents have something in common lacking in our
female runners?  Or was it really all about Isaac and Martin’s wit and charm and James’ intelligence? I really can’t pinpoint a particular reason why it has been so long since we have elected a female school president, but it is long overdue.

With no offence to all our male Student Council Leaders, who have made important
contributions to our school, girls can bring to the table just as much as the boys
can, if not more.  Female leadership brings about a quality of caring.They are outgoing, confident, energetic and definitely sociable.  Motivating pride and inspiring our student body is second nature. They are honest and intelligent, and they get the job done.

North Toronto needs the female voice again. The voice that that will support the
student body’s opinion and bring out the spirit of NT. We need to be careful
not to get steeped in a culture where roles are formed for males and females,
and we should not trade off having gender diversity over excellence. The
student body should aim to elect the most qualified individual and I think NT
has some very qualified potential female candidates.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we girls are putting ourselves out there.  What is it girls?  Don’t we like the limelight?  Are we intimidated?  Do you feel you won’t be seriously considered?

So come on ladies, get out there and make a difference at NT.  Showcase what you got and work hard to get the top job.  After all, Beyoncé said that “girls run the world!” And to the NT student body, get out of your comfort zone and get ready for this year’s school election!