7: Swim Team

Rachel Katz


“I’m tired.” “My shoulders are in so much pain!” “That. Was. Torture.” Most students at NT have probably heard some of their friends using these, or very similar phrases. Yes, it’s that time of year. Swim team is in full swing again, marked by the return of 6:30 am practices and using Northern and Allenby’s pools whenever they are available. However, as a team, the North Toronto swimmers have had something new to get used to, and I’m not just referring to our new set of team captains. (Congratulations to Zenia Memon, Bridget Wang, Ryan Sheridan and Xian Feng.) This year, NT was lucky enough to score a place at the North Toronto Memorial Community Center swimming pool. Sure, that practice is crazy early, and sure it’s really creepy leaving your house while the stars are still out and it’s colder than it was at midnight, but we really can’t complain. The pool at the community center is the nicest and largest pool we have the opportunity to swim in. Instead of being squished into a tiny pool, NT swimmers now have a luxurious six lanes to spread out and practice in. It also means that, once a week, the whole team can get together and practice in the same place. Why is this so special? A bigger pool makes it easier for swimmers to develop and improve, thereby increasing the team’s overall strength. Plus, the fact that we can practice together no matter our swimming talent brings us closer to each other and strengthens our friendships. Just two league meets into the season, North Toronto has once again established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the water, regardless of whether we have a pool to call home.