7. White Pine

Cassandra Knapman


Every year, ten books are put forth into a literary competition of epic proportions. They call this legendary competition White Pine. Ten Canadian fiction novels are selected to be read and voted on by students across Canada. One book gets the distinction of being the White Pine selected book for that year.  This year’s books ranged from post-apocalyptic tales to a story about an Indian trickster and some raccoons. The wide difference in topics offers something different for each reader. Finding five books to interest one enough is hardly difficult with White Pine’s usual spectrum (five books is the necessary amount to read and be able to vote at the end of White Pine). The end of White Pine is marked with a wonderful voting party—we actually get to eat in the
library! Though this year’s party was full of chocolate chip cookies and a distinct
lack of pizza, we still enjoyed our usual games. Besides voting for our favourite
book, we also answered quiz questions. The prize? One of the wonderful books
selected for this year’s White Pine. Soon, several NT students will head to
Harbourfront to meet and greet with the authors, rounding off this year’s White
Pine. So what will next year’s White Pine bring? Well, you’ll just have to wait
and see, because there are definitely going to be some excellent books.