Mark: Tim Horton Hero

Rachel Gerry and Marielle Gordon


Many of you may know him as that Tim’s guy that sneaks you an extra timbit or two.  Others may know him as that strong and dependable figure there to fulfill your caffeine cravings.  But something I think we can all agree on is that Mark is the very definition of a local hero.  Rain or shine, Mark is there serving up a quick fix.  Tim’s would just seem vastly empty and incredibly slow if it weren’t for Mark’s resounding presence.  In our conversations with the man himself, Mark has told us of his liking for “the friendly NT students who visit at lunch”.  Moreover, he promises to “tell us later” the
secret to his heroic wisdom.  Unfortunately, the demands of roll-up-the-rim week delayed this answer, but hey, there’s always next lunch.  So next time you find yourself in the mid-lunch-rush, don’t just give Mark your money… give him your admiration, because after all, he is our fave local hero.