3: Christmas Shopping Blues

Charlotte Sanders


I hate how broke I am after the holidays have passed. Gone are the days when our parents would willingly fork over some money for our Christmas Shopping. There are tons of things to do in Toronto at Christmas, like skating downtown, seeing the holiday movies or going to the Nutcracker. Yet I never get to enjoy any of these activities because after buying a gift for every relative, friend, and pet under the moon, I have no money left over to enjoy what the holidays have to offer. I usually end up having to borrow money from my parents just to be able to check everyone off my Christmas list and, believe me,it’s hard to feel festive when you know you’re going to be in debt for the next few months. So while I can admit that it is fun when you can find the perfect present for someone, the overwhelming feeling of being broke afterwards makes it hard to join in on the Christmas cheer.