8: Fashion Show Live Music

Hayley Goldfarb


What do pixies, shadows, live music, dancers and singers all have in common? Fashion Show Neverland 2012! This year’s fashion show had many tricks up its sleeve, one of which was a performance of live synthesized music by Zefan Sramek. When Zefan entered on stage, a hush of anticipation and possibly even confusion settled over the audience. Students, staff and parents alike were eagerly waiting for the music to begin, not quite sure what to expect. When the music began to blast and Zefan began to synthesize his live music, it immediately became clear that he was a hit. Cellphones waved in the air, heads bopped and feet tapped to the tune of his techno-melodic-electronic-super-awesome beats. Cheers rang clear in the crowd when Zefan let his long hair down and took a hair-whipping run throughout the auditorium. Although no one was quite sure what they were experiencing, the audience knew it certainly consisted of
talent and hard work. It’s amazing to think that Zefan only started making his
own music a year ago with his dad’s old equipment! For those of you who want to
listen to Zefan’s music at home (highly recommended to do so while doing some
math homework), visit his website at www.soundcloud.com/precipitation
or his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/ZKSMusic.