Charles Lee 


“Hey Charles, this is Christine. Ms. Crosbie needs some furniture assembled.” This is how every new adventure begins for me. As the organizer of SAINTS, Christine matches up volunteers with elderly or disabled adults who require assistance. 

My role changes every time I offer to help my neighbours. Sometime, I escort Ms. Elford to Sunnybrook hospital, while other times I mow lawns while listening to stories about the good old days before the advent of computers. 

SAINTS allows students to aid the elderly with such seasonal outdoor chores as cutting grass, shoveling snow, and raking leaves. The students can also perform a range of indoor jobs such as vacuuming and cleaning out closet and town jobs such as running errands and grocery shopping. By assisting, students can earn $10 per hour or get volunteer hours.   

If interested, please print out the application form from and submit it to