DIY Dip Dying: Get Your Hair Looking Hot For 2012

 Annie Robinson


Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, and Alexa Chung have all been seen with the tips of their hair dip dyed in fun colours! If you are dying to give your hair a new look try dip dyeing the tips of your hair!


What You Need

1 Bottle of dye (any colour)

1 white toner

1tint brush

1 pair of gloves




1) Divide your hair into 2-4 sections.

2) Estimate how much of the bottom of your hair you would like to dye. Depending on the length of your hair this could vary, generally 1-2 inches is best.

3) Mix a small amount of your chosen dye with the white toner.

4) Use the tint brush and apply thickly to the area you want to dye.

5) In the same way apply your chosen dye to the ends of your hair, until it’s just next to the white toner and dye mixture.

6) Use your tint brush to make sure that the toner and dye have combined and are spread evenly throughout the tips of your hair.

7) Clean the tint brush.

8) Brush the white toner mixture up (for about an inch) into your natural colour.

9) Let sit for 5 minutes.

10) Rinse out the toner and dye and you are done!