10: Fashion Show

Laura Murphy


Charity week is coming up soon, and with it comes Fashion Show too. This year’s Fashion Show Neverland is going to be one of the best yet (though I may be a little biased). The theme of Neverland is upbeat and fun, as is the production. Its all about the fear of growing up, and how to overcome it. Something that in high school, I’m sure we can all relate to. It has eleven scenes with everything you would find in Neverland; from Pixies to Mermaids to Crocodiles. There is also an extra dance scene, for all those who loved the jazz and hip hop scenes of past years. From the choreography, to the designs, Fashion Show Neverland is going to be phenomenal. This year’s show was put together by an amazing team with dedicated students involved in every aspect of it. Be sure to come out and support your friends on February 3 and 4; it is going to be an out of this world (literally) show!