4: Mural Project

Lauren D’Angelo


Well, NT, the time has finally come. Gone are the days of endless grey (and occasionally green) walls.  Gone are the times of ‘sophistication’ over
school spirit.  And, thankfully, gone are the eye sores of our school’s jail look-a-like hallways.  After a year and a half of complaining, the process of revamping our beloved North Toronto has begun.  This past month, NT’s Art Council has begun the Mural Project.  According to Ms. Marquis, who came up with this brilliant idea, the ongoing project will begin to eliminate our school’s “grey and green colour pallet,” by having the Art Council create a new mural each year for the next several years.  The murals to come will be located around the school, and will be a word that “addresses the activities [that take place] in that area.”  Each mural will have its own personality, but will be “unified through the use of graffiti” lettering, which suits our school’s urban nature.  A round of applause to Zach Brisebois, who designed the mural, which reads ‘Leadership’
and contains the school’s logo and colours.  Another thank you goes out to all of the participants who made the mural project possible.  It is truly an awesome
asset to the school.